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Copper casting more common situation
Dec 13, 2017

Casting in copper casting is a common situation, so we need to learn and understand. But the types of casting are not only cast aluminum and copper castings. We will therefore expand your vision and initially become a bronze casting to understand the various aspects and angles of the casting, therefore, its application and use.

1. bronze castings, technical aspects,

The technical standards for copper alloy castings are mainly the technical conditions for the casting of copper alloys in the GB 1176-1987 years. According to this standard, we can make some technical works related to copper castings well, so as to avoid mistakes caused by problems, so as not to cause unnecessary problems.

2. common defects in copper casting and the cause of the problem

Copper alloy castings, which are easy to make mistakes, are common foundry, mainly:

Porosity: the reason for water content is too large, or it contains gas material. Copper casting may also be ill ventilated, or too fast.

Trachoma: it can be unqualified sand strength or compression as the degree of URf.eks.

Shrinkage: the most important reason is that the casting is bad for solidification and shrinkage.

Cracks: this defect can be made, and the thickness of the copper castings is too bad, and it can be used in the casting system.

Sand: sand, mainly its fire resistance does not meet the requirements of the provisions. At the temperature of pouring, the temperature can not be under control, which leads to this problem.

3. how to avoid the problems in the copper castings?

On this issue, we can take measures:

Measures: control the mold temperature, so that it is applicable.

Measures two: the place or area of the door must be appropriate. In addition, the flow and flow pressure of copper casting medium at the port, the right is only to go.

The measures should be selected to match the type of paint, and strictly control the use to avoid waste.

The 3 measures are designed to avoid casting problems and ensure the quality of production. Therefore, two quality can be improved and speed and efficiency can be improved. Therefore, we should strictly implement the practice to achieve good results.

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