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Copper in Light Industry
Dec 13, 2017

The light industrial products are closely related to the people's life, and there are many varieties and various kinds of products. As the steel has good comprehensive performance, it can be seen everywhere. Only a few examples are listed as follows:

The air conditioning and refrigerator

The temperature control of the air conditioner and the refrigerator is mainly realized by the evaporation and condensation of the copper tube of the heat exchanger. The size and heat transfer performance of the heat exchange heat transfer tube, to a great extent, determines the efficiency and miniaturization of the whole air conditioner and the refrigeration device. All the machines used on these machines are highly conductive and special-shaped copper tubes. The good performance of steel processing, recently developed and produced with internal grooves and high heat radiating fin tube, used in the manufacture of air conditioning, freezer, chemical and heat collection device in the heat exchanger, the total heat transfer coefficient of heat exchanger to ordinary tube 2 ~ 3 times, and the use of ordinary low finned tube 1.2 ~ 1.3 times, has been used in China, can save 40% of copper, and the heat exchanger volume is reduced by 1 / 3 above.

Please watch

The clocks and watches, timers and clocks and watches are produced. Most of the working parts are made of "watch brass". The alloy contains 1.5-2% of lead, which has good processing property and is suitable for large-scale production.  For example, the gear is cut out from the long extrusion brass bar, the flat wheel is punched out of the corresponding thickness strip, and the brass clock or other copper alloy is used to make the clocking surface, the screws and joints, etc.  A large number of cheap watches (with Gunmetal Gunmetal) manufacturing, or coated with nickel silver (Bai Tong). Some famous bells are made of steel and copper alloys. The British "Ben" with clockwise is solid Gunmetal rod, with the minute hand is 14 feet long brass.

A modern watch factory, which uses copper alloy as the main material, presses and dies precisely, can produce ten thousand to thirty thousand clocks per day, and the cost is very low.

The paper

In the current information society, a large amount of paper consumption. Paper surface looks simple, but papermaking technology is very complex. It needs many steps to apply many machines, including cooler, evaporator, beating machine, paper machine and so on. Many of them, such as all kinds of heat exchange tubes, roller wheels, blow rods, semi liquid pumps and wire mesh, are made mostly of steel alloy.

For example, a long net paper machine is currently used to spray the made pulp into a fast moving mesh with tiny mesh holes (40~60 mesh). The cloth is made of brass and phosphor bronze wire, which is very wide, usually above 20 feet (6 meters), and is required to remain completely straight.  The mesh cloth moves on a series of small brass or copper rollers, and when the pulp is attached to it, the moisture is sucked out from the lower air. The net vibrates at the same time so that the small fibers in the pulp are bonded together. A large paper mill has a large mesh size that can reach 26 feet, 8 inches (8. l meters) and 100 feet (30.5 meters) long. Wet pulp not only contains water, but also contains chemical agents used in the process of paper making, which has strong corrosiveness. In order to ensure the quality of paper, strict requirements for fabric material are needed, not only for high strength and elasticity, but also for pulp corrosion. Copper alloy is entirely competent.

The printing

The printing is made with a copper plate for photographic plate making. The surface of the polished copper plate is sensitized with photosensitive latex and is photographed on it. The photosensitive copper plate needs to be heated to harden the glue. In order to avoid heat softening, copper often contains a small amount of silver or arsenic in order to improve the softening temperature. Then, the plate is corroded to form a printed surface with a bump pattern.

In the automatic typesetting machine, it is necessary to make the type by the choreography of the brass type, which is another important use of copper in printing. Type blocks are usually made of leaded brass and sometimes copper or bronze.

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