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Copper products mosaic method and features
Dec 13, 2017

There are two common methods for the mosaic of copper products.

1, in plastic mold, first embedded H59 copper inlay and then injected resin, so that the hot-melt plastic material and copper inlay parts can be combined into a whole seamless seamless plastic shell product, then cooled and solidified.

2, the plastic material is injected into the metal mold first, and then the copper product is embedded in the molded plastic shell.

The essential characteristics of copper inlay and plastic forming are:

First, the combination of vertical injection molding machine and mechanical hand, copper mosaic unit, and so on, copper inlay molding engineering can achieve mechanical automation production.

Two, select the appropriate metal mold structure, copper insert products can also be completely enclosed within the material bakelite resin.

Three, especially the combination of the insulation of the resin and the electrical conductivity of the copper inlay metal, the molded shell can meet the basic function of the electrical product.

Four, because of the bonding between molten material and metal copper insert, compared with press forming method, the gap of metal bronze insert can be designed more narrowly, and the reliability of composite product molding is higher.

Five. The mosaic products are not only limited to copper metal, but also have various inlaid fasteners such as iron, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc and so on.

Six, the pre forming combination of multiple copper inlay makes the post engineering of the unit combination of copper parts more reasonable.

Seven, the bending elastic molding rigid molding, rubber sealing pad, through pre buried copper substrate injection molded product integration, complex operation, sealing arrangement can be omitted, making the process more easily after the combination of automation.

Eight, the combination of resin molding, bending and rigidity, strength and heat resistance of metal can supplement the complex and exquisite metal inlay and plastic shell integrated products.

Nine, copper inlaid molding, after core hole processing, can also be made, with a hollow groove product.

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