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Composition Of Copper
Dec 13, 2017

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc

Copper nickel alloy is an alloy of copper and nickel

Bronze is an alloy formed by copper and other elements other than zinc and nickel. It is mainly tin bronze, aluminum bronze, etc.

Copper is a copper with high copper content, and the total content of other impurities is less than 1%.

Ordinary brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.

When the content of zinc is less than 39%, zinc can dissolve in copper to form a single phase a, which is called single-phase brass, and has good plasticity. It is suitable for cold and hot compression processing.

When the zinc content is greater than 39%, there are a single-phase and B solid solution based on copper and zinc, which is called dual phase brass. B increases plasticity and tensile strength, and is only suitable for hot pressing.

If the mass fraction of zinc is increased, the tensile strength decreases and the value is no use.

The code "H + digital" said, H said the digital representation of brass, copper mass fraction.

If H68 shows copper content 68%, zinc content 32%, brass, cast brass before the code name "Z", such as ZH62

For example, Zcuzn38 shows a cast brass with a zinc content of 38% and a copper in the residual amount.

H90, H80 single phase, golden yellow, so the golden name, called coating, ornaments, medals and so on.

H68 and H59 are dual phase brass, which are widely used in electrical components, such as bolts, nuts, gaskets, springs and so on.

In general, double phase brass is used for cold deformation processing by hot deformation of single-phase brass.

special brass

The multialloy consisting of other alloy elements in common brass is called brass. The elements often added are lead, tin, aluminum and so on, which can be referred to as lead brass, tin brass and aluminum brass. The purpose of adding alloying elements. The main purpose is to improve the tensile strength and improve the technical code: for "H + main addition element sign (except zinc) + copper mass fraction + main addition element mass fraction + other element mass fraction".

For example, HPb59-1 indicates that the mass fraction of copper is 59%, with the mass fraction of the main adding element of lead 1% and the lead brass with the residual amount of zinc.

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