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Copper Ingots
Feb 02, 2018

Copper ingots

Electrolytic purification of copper: Blister copper (99% copper) pre-made into a thick plate as an anode, made of pure copper as a cathode, with sulfuric acid

(H2SO4) and copper sulfate (CuSO4) as the electrolyte solution. After power is applied, copper is dissolved from the anode into copper ions (Cu) to the cathode

Move, reach the cathode after obtaining electrons in the cathode precipitation of pure copper (also known as electrolytic copper). Blister copper impurities such as lively than iron and zinc and so on

Will dissolve together with copper as ions (Zn and Fe). Since these ions are not precipitated more easily than copper ions, electrolysis is only suitable

When adjusting the potential difference to prevent these ions in the anode precipitation. Than the inactive copper impurities such as gold and silver deposition in the bottom of the cell

unit. This produced copper, known as "electrolytic copper", high quality, can be used to make electrical products. Precipitation in electrolysis

The bottom of the trough is called "anode mud", which is rich in gold and silver, is very valuable, remove and then processing a very high economic value.

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