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Precautions For Copper Casting
Dec 13, 2017

Copper casting has a very complex form of production components in the cavity. Ensure that each box, river bed machine (toolkit, roll, head roll, etc.) is flexible and adaptable. The copper casting part is almost infinite liquid, which can be several grams to hundreds of tons, and can be set to about 0.5mm by 1. Industry can be combined into liquid metal materials, which can be liquid forming. Plastic melt casting is very low, the only way is a liquid or a room that produces its outline. Low. Copper casting can be directly used for liquid waste components and sawdust equipment, low cost. At the same time, the short chain chlorinated paraffin casting liquid has low durability and saving. Centrifugal discharge, spray low pressure melt flow, production and processing parts copper, copper, copper wheel, copper, copper and other miscellaneous mechanical equipment of non-ferrous metal products. The technology casting is excellent, which is in line with the national quality standard, and ensures the product quality has been improved significantly. Compared with other manufacturers, it has been recognized and recognized by the majority of Internet users. Matters needing attention in copper casting

Copper casting commonly includes computer, in communication networks, the longer service life of copper products, any stage can recover part of the use of copper, the utility model has the advantages of their products more and more advantages to improve the production efficiency we must strengthen the capability to increase productivity, expand the application of the product, so that we can develop faster. To improve performance, improve production efficiency. Increase production to reflect the current conditions for the development of new products. The cost of copper casting liquid lithium is low. Liquid lithium can be used directly for waste and some low cost equipment, refrigerated. At the same time, liquid casting is used to save metal manuals. Centrifugal casting, low pressure casting, metal casting production of copper, copper, lithium, copper, copper, copper accessories and various kinds of hose non-ferrous metal machinery.  Copper casting first-class technology and castings related national standards, material quality is better than other manufacturers to improve the quality of products, and has been praised by most users.

Matters needing attention in copper casting

1, the process of copper casting, cleaning, preventing the process of excess pores in the process should be affected;

2, the effective encapsulation of copper site, a strong description of the area of the calculation, if the population density is about 1/3, prenatal / postpartum packing silver for a long time;

3, copper is part of the frequent interruption of the spare parts of the same set before and after delivery, which ensures uniform lining color to prevent the phenomenon of currency quality lining.

4, the money should be responsible for the cracks, to understand the influence of the population density on the workpiece scanning during the electroplating process for 5 minutes, and then the density trend is normal.

5, when treated with passivation and strengthening clean water, after washing in 10 to 20 minutes and cleaning the water in a desalted kiln, the temperature can be monitored for a period of time.

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