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Copper Busbar With Insulate Cover

Product Name: Copper Busbar With Insulate Cover
Material: T2 copper
Copper Content: 99.9%
Product OEM: Available
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Product Details

Product Data

Product Name

Copper Busbar With Insulate Cover


T2 copper

Copper Content



insulated busbar

Load Voltage









battery conducting

Pvc cover color

Red Blue Yellow etc



Product Description

1) Insulated Coating Tinned Copper Busbar Connector is make of T2 copper material, which is 99.9% copper contented. It makes the products excellent conductivity with less impurities.

2) The surface of Insulated Coating Tinned Copper Busbar Connector is plated with tin to protect copper busbar from oxidation or creating aerugo. Other plating like nickle or silver is also acceptable as customer requirements. Clean and free-from- burr holes make sure good contact of bolts and busbar.

3) The copper busbar is coated with 2:1 PE heat shrink tube. They can also be coated with 4:1 heat shrink tubes, soft PVC or epoxy powder. They have different insulation degree.

3) Tin Plated Square End Copper Bus Bar is shaped with electrical wiring cut from whole copper plate or cut from available copper bars if the width and thickness is normal.


Copper Busbar With Insulate Cover Features:

Products can be made according drawing and customer design. Any requirements can be sent by email and indicated on drawing. Our engineer will do best to meet your needs.

Copper Content:      99.9%    

Conductivity:       > 100 IACS

Copper Thickness:       • 1mm • 2mm • 3mm • Other

Copper Width:       • 10mm   • 20mm   • 30mm   • Other

Plating Options:       • Tin plating • Nickle plating • Sliver plating

Insulation Options:      • Heat shrink tube   • PVC dipping coat • expoy powder

End Shape:       • Semicircle         • Round Corner      • Square Corner


Product Application

Advantage of Copper Busbar With Insulate Cover

1. Improve equipments property.

Copper busbar can reduce the resistance and lower power consumption. Copper busbar is capable of steady current carrying capacity and voltage-sharing.

2. Easy to install, examine and maintain.

Copper busbar can be installed with simple tools. Anyone can use it with bolt, nut and screwdriver. The workers examine the property with tester.

3. Reduce Cost

Copper Busbar increase the serve-life of machines and equipments. Good quality T2 copper material can lower the temperature raise and loss of equipment parts


Package and Delivery

1. Standard Exporting package.

2. Original package or neutral package.

3. According to clients ' needs.

4. Shipped in10-35 days after payment.


Our Service

Spot delivery, including delivering small batches of goods

Provide wide-range and complete materials series products

Cutting plates, including complex shapes of materials and special processing and disposal

Cutting bars and strips

Our application technology expert provide the best material and recommendation

One-stop service



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