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Copper Clad Aluminum

Copper Clad Laminate Sheet

Product Name: Copper Clad Laminate sheet
Thickness: 0.2mm - 3.2mm
Color: black, yellow, natural, etc.
Types: single sided FPCB, double sided FPCB, etc.
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Product Details

Product Data

Specifications of Copper Clad Laminate sheet:

1) Thickness: 0.2mm - 3.2mm, or custom

2) Color: black, yellow, natural, etc.

3) Available Sizes: 37.3〞X 49〞, 37.3〞X 49.3〞, 40〞X 48〞(1016mmX1219mm), 41〞X 49〞,

 41.3〞X 49.3〞, 42〞X 48〞, 43〞X 49〞, 43.3〞X 49.3〞, 49〞X 49〞, 49.3〞X 49.3〞, or custom.

4) Types: single sided FPCB, double sided FPCB, etc.



Parameters of Copper Clad Laminate: 



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Product Application 

Copper Clad Laminate sheet Application: 

1) Computer devices: soft disk driver, power supply device, CPU board

2) Lighting: road lighting, LED outer wall lighting, LED stage lighting

3) Telecommunication devices: filter circuit, automobile telephone

high frequency booster of mobile telephone, transmitting circuit.

4) Electronic devices in automobile: igniting device, voltage regulator,

auto safety control system, electromagnetic wave shield material

5) Power supply: switch, switch regulator, transformer, large power,

base board of solar cell

6) Electronic control: transistor base, radiator, switch board,

insulating heat conductive board in semiconductor, motor control device, etc.



Package and Delivery 


Wood Standard package, fixed by belt then loaded into fumigated wooden box . 

Delivery time: 1 days in stock, if not within 7 days



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