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Lead Free Solder Bar

Wave Soldering Tin Copper Lead Free Solder

Wave Soldering Tin Copper Lead Free Solder

Product Name: wave soldering tin copper lead free solder
Material: Tin Silver Copper alloy
Free Sample: Available
Supply Ability: 30Ton/Tons per Month
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, PayPal, West Union...

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Product Details

Product Details

Operating Current:

International Standard

Welding Current:

International Standard




Silver Grey


Rectangle of Stick or bar


96.5% Tin, 3.0% Silver and 0.5% Copper

Melting point:



Wave and hot dip soldering


33cm * 2.0cm * 1.5cm




Tin and Copper



Product Application:

The application of this product is relatively extensive, such as lighting, LED, PCB, precision instruments, electronic components, audio and audio systems, etc.

Melting temperature 227℃ and Working temperature 270℃ in wave soldering and hot-dip soldering.

Product Features:  

1.It has extremely high reliability, good mechanical properties and thermal fatigue resistance after  soldering.
2. Tin liquid surface still appear the silver mirror at relatively high temperature.
3. Unique anti-oxidation. Lasting anti-oxidation ability and low production of tin slag.
4. It has extremely good fluidity which makes the soldering process after paint stripping easier and smoother.
5. The adding of copper to solder greatly reduces the corrosion to copper by Sn and improves the reliability after soldering

Product Show


Product Specifications


Packaging Details

1. Dimension: 33cm*2.0cm*1.5cm, around 700grams/pc 
2. Package: 20kgs/box, 2boxes/carton. 
3. Dimension of box: 34.3cm*16cm*7cm. 
4. Dimension of carton: 36.5cm*18cm*16cm. 
5.10-20 days after receiving the deposit


All the cartons are exporting double corrugated carton, wrapped by PVC stripes to avoid damage during transportation.

Our Advantages:

1. Reply the inquiry within 24 hours.

2. As a manufacturer, we can offer much more competitive price than trade company

3. Good quality and professional suggestion

4. Delivery on time.

5. Various of Composition available.

6. Provide free Samples for testing.

7. Spectrum analyzer--technical support to help customers to analyze their samples.

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